Siobhain Steele Ceramics Launch “Message in a Bottle”

Siobhain Steele Ceramics

“A special message in a bottle bringing good wishes from me to you…”

Siobhain Steele launched her latest body of handmade ceramics “Message in a Bottle” to much acclaim last January at Showcase, Ireland’s Creative Expo which promotes creative designs and crafts from all around Ireland.  Since then the range has evolved and Siobhain is now customising bottles to suit every occasion from births, birthdays and weddings, to simple gifts of gratitude.

The range was developed through the concept of sending goodwill and good wishes around the world.  With many of her own family living abroad, Siobhian is all too aware of how many families are now scattered far and wide, and how important it is to keep connections alive.  With the advancement of technology, the simpler methods of communicating are often forgotten.  Reflecting on her own time spend abroad, Siobhain reminisced on the many cherished letters she received from loved ones at home, which have now become treasured keepsakes.

Siobhain Steele Ceramics

Siobhan wants her ceramic bottles to act as vessels which people can use to connect with loved ones and send good wishes.   Each “Message in a Bottle” is carefully handmade by Siobhan, inscribed with an inspirational wish and comes with a blank scroll inside which can be personalised with a further message.  The bottles are carefully packaged and sent, with best wishes, to their new destinations.  So far this year Siobhain has gifted her keepsake bottles into 23 different countries around the world.

Siobhain’s own creative journey began when she returned to college, after many years of caring for people as a nurse, to pursue her love of art and design.  She went on to graduate with a Degree in Ceramic Design from Crawford College of Art and Design in 2013.  Siobhain designs and creates her ceramics from her home studio nestled in the serene Irish countryside of County Cork, where much of her work is inspired by the nature that surrounds her.  In the last two years Siobhain Steele Ceramics has steadily grown its business and Siobhain has realised her dream of creating ceramic art that inspires both positivity and connection.

Siobhain’s bespoke range now includes lamps, vases, vessels and bottles, as well as specially commissioned pieces.  Her ceramics are available in 28 different craft shops and galleries across the world and can also be purchased online from her website  All of Siobhain’s work can be customised and personalised and she is always delighted to explore different options with her clients.

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Siobhain Steele Ceramics